Designing experiences that engaged with the soul and delivering a feeling of exhilaration to users.


With ZEPPELIN’s vision of “WE CREATE BEAUTIFUL WORLDS” and design as a base, we create a platform that gives life to user’s everyday experiences.

The products and services that ZEPPELIN creates are not limited to the present day, we aim to optimize their appearance and shape, however not just the outward appearance but we aim to change our user’s way of life in a beautiful way even after 100 years.

In order to continue solving the problems in society, we will continue to pursue the value of “beauty” as an alternative to convenience and richness.

Zep Way

100-year-endured simpleness

  • User’s perspective

    Consideration from user’s experience. “Experience for yourself”

  • UC (User eCstasy)

    Build an experience that makes the entire body dynamic throughout the 5 senses.

  • Pixel perfect

    Beauty as a pursuit paying attention to detail down to 1px and 0.1mm.