Every April, we run a training camp for the whole team. This year, on April 13 we left Japan and headed for Taipei City (Taiwan) for two nights and three days. Many of you are probably wondering, why Taiwan? There are two reasons for our choice:

● Taiwan is engaged in design as a whole nation

● In recent years, we have actively recruited talent from overseas, and this is our first step in learning about diversity

Longshan Temple

First Day

With tired faces, we all gathered at Haneda Airport at 6am, and after a shaky three-hour flight we touched down in Taiwan. Leaving our luggage at the hotel directly after arrival, we each enjoyed some free time. The team split up, one group touring the sightseeing spots, and the other exploring the city of Taipei on foot. Each did as they pleased, spending their time freely. In the evening, we all met up at Tung Hakka ( While delighting in the Taiwanese Hakka cuisine, some of us were also feeling lightheaded from the Shaoxing rice wine.



Day 2

In the morning, the team spilt into groups decided in advance, and traveled around Taipei City to shoot videos responding to the theme of “diversity”. Lunch was at Dian Shui Lou, a restaurant famous for its soup dumplings ( After eating several kinds of sumptuous dumplings as we sat around circular tables, we were also treated to mango pudding! In the afternoon, the team gathered at an apartment rented through Airbnb, and each member shared opinions about the philosophy and principles of ZEPPELIN followed by a discussion. Dinner on the second day was at Tian Wai Tian ( we could enjoy buffet-style hot pot. While puzzled by ingredients not usually found in similar dishes in Japan, the food was so good that we ate until our stomachs were full.



Day 3

On the final day, there was a screening of the videos shot the previous day. Each group had interpreted the theme of “diversity” in a unique way and expressed their ideas differently, one earnestly trying to trace history while another focused on places which reflected the character of Taiwan. The result was a screening full of humorous moments, with laughter heard from start to end. Afterwards, each member voted for a video to be given one of three awards: Best Actress, Best Actor, or Best Work. After a genuine appraisal, the winners and winning works were decided for each award, after which an awards ceremony was held. The experience was truly enjoyable not only because of the delicious food, but also the architectural spaces and atmosphere that differed from Japan in so many ways.

How about a holiday in Taiwan during the coming Golden Week? (


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